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Veganuary 2022

It's officially the beginning of 2022. 2021 saw some interesting events but now January is here again which means- Veganuary!

For those of us who don’t know, Veganuary is where for the month of January you eat a vegan diet. It is a fantastic way to learn about being vegan or simply try some new foods. Many celebrities and influencers take part in it every year and share their recipes online. Here at Caffi Clywedog, we are a plant based Caffi and have plenty of vegan treats on offer for you to try, not just this January, but all year round.

To help you all with Veganuary we will be posting on our social medias and in our newsletters with some recipes. Most of the recipes used will be coming from the Veganuary cookbook which is available as a downloadable eBook for free from the Veganuary website. If you try any of these recipes, then please take a picture and share them with us!

Vegan food does not have to be boring, with multiple recipes and plenty of foods available then why not try it? At our Caffi we have a wide selection of alternative milks as well as plenty of delicious cakes that you can enjoy whilst looking at the gorgeous scenery that surrounds us.

For our first social media post for Veganuary this year we asked for people to share their favourite vegan recipes to help inspire others. So far, we have had some lovely recipes such as courgette cake, but we would love for you to share yours! If you have a recipe to share with us, then please get in contact.

Happy Veganuary and the best of luck in the kitchen!

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