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New Summer Menus

With the sun finally making an appearance this year and the temperature getting warmer, we have introduced our new summer menus.

New to the menu is a collection of ice cream sundaes and waffles. There are four flavours across both collections. Strawberry supreme, bubblegum bonanza, biscoff and oreo.

For the sundaes you will get four scoops of ice cream, some squirty cream and all the relevant topping for your chosen flavour.

For the waffles you will get a sugar waffle, two scoops of ice cream and the relevant toppings for your flavour.

Of course as well as these two delicious additions to the menu, you will be able to buy just the ice cream if you'd like which we have in a wide variety of flavours as well as having a dog friendly one!

Our last new menu is the hot chocolate menu. We have just changed over to Harry's hot chocolate and will now be doing, regular, dark, orange, mint and coconut flavours. You can customise these further as you will have a choice of alternative milks used but you can also add syrups or squirty cream as well if you'd like!

They really are the perfect treats to enjoy while taking in our stunning views.

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