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Half Term Fun at the Dam

This half term we had some free workshops for children up at the Dam. The workshops included birdbox making, bird feeder making, crochet snakes and rock painting.

The activities were spread out over three days and the Montgomeryshire Wildlife trust came to help, this include their workshops doing the birdbox making and bird feeders.

The Montgomeryshire Wildlife trust also brought along some plaster cast foot prints and some bones to show the children to see if they could guess which animal they came from. Dan and Phoebe were brilliant at explaining what each one was as well as how to make the birdboxes and feeders.

Rock painting also proved popular with some impressive painting skills being displayed. We had everything from a car to a very cheeky sloth being painted.

Finally the crochet snakes, which proved a little tricky but everyone was still determined to try.

The weather didn't seem to deter anyone and all the children seemed to enjoy themselves, with many doing all the activities available.

All in all it was a great day and we hope to do something similar again soon!

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