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Craft with a Cuppa Craft Group

As some of you might already know, since the beginning of November, Caffi Clywedog has hosted a weekly craft group called Craft with a Cuppa.

The group meets every Wednesday from 11am, until 1pm and members of all ages and experience are welcome. The aim of the group is to allow people the space to get creative, work on their projects, meet like-minded people and learn some other crafts as well, all with the accompaniment of a good coffee.

Currently in the group we have a great mix of crafts. From needle felting, to knitting, to drawing and painting. I take part in the group and often take my knitting or crochet. I have made friends through this experience, and I've even learnt how to use water colour pencils.

For me it's been a fantastic way to express my creativity and even though I've been crafting for years, to learn and be inspired by others. For example, I had given up drawing a few years ago, however I've recently been inspired to take it up again by other group members.

It's been great for me personally to help build my confidence. I have been a crafter for most of my life and yet I had always struggled to find like-minded people. I had nobody to talk to about these things or really to learn from. I think that’s why this group is so valuable to me as I have a group of people who are supportive and willing to help me on my journey which has helped my confidence no end. I love to design my own patterns and although I sold them online, it was anonymously and only one or two, thankfully I'm more open about this now due to the support of other crafters in the group.

If you already craft or would like to start then I really recommend joining a group. The best part about Craft with a Cuppa is how it's all crafts and no just knitting or the like. This means that you can really learn and be inspired like I was.

The group continues throughout the year, with the next meeting at Caffi Clywedog on 22nd December. We’ll continue online for the 29th December as well as the 5th and 12th January and meeting back up at the Caffi every Wednesday from 19th January. If you would like to join, either online or in person, please contact me on 07802896254 or via the website

Charlotte @ Radiate Arts

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