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Christmas Macrame Workshop with Alice Thomas- Saturday 27th November

On Saturday 27th November, Alice Thomas came to join us at caffi Clywedog

to teach one of her Christmas macrame courses. We could not have picked a better day as when everyone was arriving, we were greeted with a light snow, only adding to the festive feeling.

Once we were all inside and thawed out with a cup of coffee, Alice introduced herself and spoke a little about what we would be making that day, macrame Christmas trees. She showed us some examples that she had made, and they looked beautiful!

Now we all knew what to expect, we picked the colour string we wanted for our trees and what colour ribbon we would like. There were so many to choose from.

Freshly armed with our choices and our clip boards, Alice started talking us through how to get started. To begin with she explained each knot we would be using and clearly demonstrated each step. The group was confident to begin (a slow start for me, but still a start). The atmosphere of concentration was evident.

As the snow stopped, we carried on working away, with Alice on hand to see if we needed any help (I definitely did) until we had all finished. Some people had managed to do theirs so quick that they had time to make another one!

By the time I had finally completed mine most people had made more than one and it was now time for lunch. which was a delicious festive nut roast with all the trimmings, followed afterwards by a Christmas pudding. It didn’t last long!

After lunch, feeling full and festive, we all had a chat about our macrame trees, Christmas and of course the food before all heading home.

An enjoyable and festive filled day.

Alice will be returning to Caffi Clywedog in the Spring with more creative Macramé workshops:

By Charlotte, Radiate Arts

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